Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Randomizer (PS2)

A super quick and sloppy guide on getting started

The KH2FM Randomizer uses the Garden of Assemblage mod as a base. This drops you straight into the Garden of Assemblage and you can choose any world to begin and tackle in any order. In the MEGA folder, you’ll find a pre-patched ISO and a pnach file for the mod to actually work. Also included, but optional, is a pnach file to disable widescreen (useful for keeping a tracker on the side).

In order for things to be randomized, a seed needs to be generated over at Adjust settings to your liking and chooze CrazyCatz’s version when downloading the pnach.

Link to mod


Starting Point

Did your game begin at the Station of Awakening? That means the mod is working.

Pick a world. Any World.

Rewards, items, keyblades, and abilities are all “randomized”! Make your own path go gear up along the way.

Go nuts!

Anything could be anywhere. What you seek could easily be sitting at the start of a world or buried balls deep in a Level 7 Drive Form.

What do I do?

One of the more common ways to run a KH2FM Randomizer is by finding all three proofs before defeating Xemnas. Once you get that gold crown on Sora’s head, you’re good to go.