Age: 32

Big wolf dude often classified as a grumpy nerd. He appears to be very serious and intimidating at first, but peel a couple of layers to find a heart of gold hidden underneath. Has a striking resemblance to a Samoyed. Also very much single.

Art by ジョー


Age: 36

A peculiar Green Dragon™ who often finds himself being turned down by his unusual looks. Hobbies are largely unknown, but has a certain affinity with nature. While he doesn’t announce it, there’s someone he really likes.

Art by Ganntere


Age: 29

Another big wolf with a very similar physique to Sparky. Vendal, however, is one hell of a slut and is often on the lookout for other men to get down and dirty with. Offer to fill him up and he will most likely accept.

Art by TSBellatre