I’m not dead yet, just tired

Active for a bit, disappear for a long time? Yeah.

Our local government has been hellbent on… “economy”, so it’s been trying to have things “return to normal”. Being thrust from mostly working remotely from home to at the office full time (at 7 AM) while still in a pandemic takes its toll on anyone over time. I have barely been able to find the energy to draw thanks to this toxic work-home-work loop.

Sure, some stupid shit may be brewing at work, but it’s not so bad, I guess.

What’s the boiling point for this vicious cycle? Break away from my life-long tradition of just wasting my free time off work and actually going on a mini vacation with a friend. Like, actually leaving home for a few days, no family involved.

Honestly? It was pretty fucking great, despite a couple of compromises.

There was something so… liberating… about just being able to break free from my own sheltered self even if it’s just for a bit. Pretty sure it ended up unlocking a few things in me I didn’t know I could even feel in the first place. Most of my personality for the latter half of my life to date had been that of a generic NPC out of protection from others. 

Besides, it’s not like I’ll end up doing dumb shi-



I am now a certified degenerate.

Ads are being tested on this site | Update: HAH, no

Blasphemy. I know, right?

I was browsing around on my free time and stumbled upon a mention of AdSense and basically thought “what if?”. Back when I was a kid and had just started using the Internet I used to think that ads were cool. Mind you, this was way back when ads were merely just a tiny rectangle gif that linked to somewhere else. Having a personal page with a little ad banner on top was “neat” to 12 year old me.

The landscape, or rather “industry” has changed since. Ads are yucky nowadays and I fucking swear by having an Ad Blocker on as much as possible. This is all new to me, so I’m just gonna throw it out there and see what happens. My intention is to have at least have an ad tucked away in a spot that won’t be a bother, but first I need to wait for them to appear first. Like, I doubt I can get any meaningful revenue, but if those WordPress bots that try to spam comments on blog posts counts as an ad view and I manage to get like $5 every 3 months or something, I could be down with it.

This is also scary because malvertising is a thing.

If by the time this all gets properly set up and you want to contribute by disabling your ad blocker, go ahead. If you want to block them all, also go ahead. If the ads end up causing harm to the site and/or visitors, I’ll just yank them out. This site may just be my personal tinkering corner on the net, but it’s also open to everyone.

I just hope AdSense doesn’t cough up some gross ads all over the place…

Update 1/11/2021:

A Blog, But More Than A Decade Later

The year was 200X. It was the late 2000’s. A teenage kid liked to get on his crappy Dial-Up internet. Said kid took part of a few forums here and there, also had an interest in blog-like websites. Mostly going around through a certain Mega Man (Battle Network) fan site and a Pokémon glitch forum, along with starting to get his feet wet with furry content. It was me, Sparky.

But wait, not really. I didn’t really had a set pseudonym back then. The name “Wolf” was eventually associated with me, but it was still really just a minor handle for me to be identified by others. At one point I did set out to try to make a little blog of my own, much like most blogs at the time. They were humble and simple, unlike the more complex and… “commercialized”? Probably not the correct word, but it’s certainly not like it used to be. Continue reading