Restoring Neglected Sentimentality (Part 3)

Has it already been over a month since the last update?


Things got fairly busy since then. I mean, work being work and this next part really drained me out. Following where I left off, I felt like it was a good time to tweak how my room looked. This is something I had put off for quite a while due to my current desk being hard to move alone, but the day would eventually come.

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Restoring Neglected Sentimentality (Part 2)

Over the course of the week, the remaining items were delivered. This work week was agonizingly slow, so seeing things arrive day after day kept me looking towards the weekend.

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Oh to mod a Game Boy Advance

[insert comment about abandoned blog here, again.]

It’s been a while since I last sat down here to write about personal stuff, but most of my life has been absolutely consumed by my job and the deteriorating condition of the workplace that has been taking place for nearly 3 years now. While I would love to go into detail, can’t really talk about it without spilling some personal information.

However, fairly recently I felt a desire to go back and revisit my GBA. Back in 2019 I was wanting to play with a GBA again. I used to have one back when I was a kid, but one day at school in 2006, the screen on my gba went kaput after leaning against a wall with my backpack on. Being a 16-year-old, insecure kid in the year 2006, naturally I assumed my GBA was absolutely destroyed and ended up throwing it away after some time.

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Emerald Manchild Woes on Birdsite

Good lord what the hell has happened during this fine* weekend? (not fine)

The whole world knows what’s up with the recent events at the Twitter dot com. Several things have made me uncomfortable when the manchild took over, but I sort of just let it slide as long as I’m not directly impacted. Of course, he does something that impacted me directly And I Took That Personally™️.

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Honestly a good chance for me to make an actual use of my blog (that probably nobody sees) instead of just dumping random thoughts on Twitter.

For the time being, I’ll be trying to use Mastodon in place of Twitter. It’s definitely a struggle because it doesn’t have the same content I’m used to. A really bad habit a lot of people have developed over the past decade was putting a stop on posting on dedicated or personal sites and instead just toss everything into one basket, being their social media of choice. I always preferred social media being a supplement, where a person could easily be themselves while mixing in whatever they like to do. In my case, that’s art.

I never really understood why a lot of people decided to just turn Twitter into their only art gallery. Even though I’ve posted all of my art there, it’s NOT the primary place to find and see it. My “main” art gallery is over at Fur Affinity, followed by this art site. FA being the defacto furry art site and this site being something for me to do as I please.

I’ll see how it goes. I never cared about follower count, but I do care about what I followed. Mastodon for me is pretty barren, but I hope it populates over time.

Computer woes (and work hell)

Not me casually dusting off the blog section of my site to just type things that won’t fit on twitter dot com without making a thread about it.

It’s so weird how I’m often sought after by friends and family (and a few others) to help them when their computers go bad, but my own intelligence plummets when it’s my own PC having issues. Though most of it came from not having the money to fix things at a moment’s notice for a long time.

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I’m not dead yet, just tired

Active for a bit, disappear for a long time? Yeah.

Our local government has been hellbent on… “economy”, so it’s been trying to have things “return to normal”. Being thrust from mostly working remotely from home to at the office full time (at 7 AM) while still in a pandemic takes its toll on anyone over time. I have barely been able to find the energy to draw thanks to this toxic work-home-work loop.

Sure, some stupid shit may be brewing at work, but it’s not so bad, I guess.

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A Blog, But More Than A Decade Later

The year was 200X. It was the late 2000’s. A teenage kid liked to get on his crappy Dial-Up internet. Said kid took part of a few forums here and there, also had an interest in blog-like websites. Mostly going around through a certain Mega Man (Battle Network) fan site and a Pokémon glitch forum, along with starting to get his feet wet with furry content. It was me, Sparky.

But wait, not really. I didn’t really had a set pseudonym back then. The name “Wolf” was eventually associated with me, but it was still really just a minor handle for me to be identified by others. At one point I did set out to try to make a little blog of my own, much like most blogs at the time. They were humble and simple, unlike the more complex and… “commercialized”? Probably not the correct word, but it’s certainly not like it used to be. Continue reading