Emerald Manchild Woes on Birdsite

Good lord what the hell has happened during this fine* weekend? (not fine)

The whole world knows what’s up with the recent events at the Twitter dot com. Several things have made me uncomfortable when the manchild took over, but I sort of just let it slide as long as I’m not directly impacted. Of course, he does something that impacted me directly And I Took That Personally™️.

Honestly a good chance for me to make an actual use of my blog (that probably nobody sees) instead of just dumping random thoughts on Twitter.

For the time being, I’ll be trying to use Mastodon in place of Twitter. It’s definitely a struggle because it doesn’t have the same content I’m used to. A really bad habit a lot of people have developed over the past decade was putting a stop on posting on dedicated or personal sites and instead just toss everything into one basket, being their social media of choice. I always preferred social media being a supplement, where a person could easily be themselves while mixing in whatever they like to do. In my case, that’s art.

I never really understood why a lot of people decided to just turn Twitter into their only art gallery. Even though I’ve posted all of my art there, it’s NOT the primary place to find and see it. My “main” art gallery is over at Fur Affinity, followed by this art site. FA being the defacto furry art site and this site being something for me to do as I please.

I’ll see how it goes. I never cared about follower count, but I do care about what I followed. Mastodon for me is pretty barren, but I hope it populates over time.

Catch-up because I have lost control of my life

This post is being written with the grating sounds of a goddamn lawnmower going off outside.

I still insist that Twitter brainrot nullifies any traditional blog post since I can just keep dumping my thoughts over there, buuuuutttt…


Last thing I mentioned was redoing my PC after the video card issues I was having… And I did!

It was both frustrating and pretty fun to build. Most of my issues come from me being way too rusty with building computers, specially with modern hardware. Ignoring my several rookie mistakes, the NZXT H7 Flow is a pretty good case to build in.

Work has still been somewhat unpleasant, so I’ve been (very slowly) proceeding to splurge on stuff for myself. Just these past two weeks had to play some 4D Chess with a friend to be able to trade in my Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2020) for a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra that I had been eyeing on for far too long.

The tablet itself is really big, but also really thin and moderately weight. The case I got bumps it up to a bit thicker and noticeably heavier. Technically huge for a lot of people, but it’s also not that big once you actually use it. That being said, the screen is still wide, so holding it on portrait mode is borderline ridiculous.

All that’s left on my splurge list would be an Xbox Series X and a NAS. Just hopefully waiting for a Black Friday sale on the Xbox… if that even happens. After that, it’s back to working some more before finally going for a NAS sometime next year. Hopefully. Maybe.



The whole world is well aware about what’s going on with the Twitter. Regardless of whatever happens there, I’m still reachable through the links located on the homepage. Don’t really have anything to add that hasn’t been said.

What's next?

idk the fuck I know.

I do want to write more here, but eh… Let’s see how it goes. Peace out.


(PS: The loud lawnmower is still going)

Computer woes (and work hell)

Not me casually dusting off the blog section of my site to just type things that won’t fit on twitter dot com without making a thread about it.

It’s so weird how I’m often sought after by friends and family (and a few others) to help them when their computers go bad, but my own intelligence plummets when it’s my own PC having issues. Though most of it came from not having the money to fix things at a moment’s notice for a long time.

Only bringing my GPU over (and two drives), there’s been some oddities with odd freezing and locking up. I previously used to have a full tower ATX case and I didn’t even use that to the fullest. I wanted to downsize to something more compact and since my GPU could fit in this case, I went for a mini-ITX build.

Can you do it? Absolutely. Should you? Hmm… depends.

I don’t know if the wonky electricity we had a few years back set this card on a slow course towards death, amplified by the increased heat from being in such a case (also hot climate).

YouTubers makes building stuff like this look easy, but it was actually the thoughest one I had put together, to the point where I *really* don’t want to be fiddling with it except for taking it out to dust it.

Odd, spontaneous glitches, more locking up, constant BSODs with VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE… yeah…

This boi is thicc. So I ordered a new case to go along with it.

…and a motherboard…

…and a cooler…


I’ve been dealing with so much shit at work this year that honestly, I don’t care. About fucking time I splurged on myself with something relevant to my interests. Also because I’m pretty much unable to game on my PC at the moment and that is not very gucci after returning from a rough day at work.

Hoping to be able to take advantage of the bigger case to make a cleaner build. Definitely put a temporary dent on some other projects, but. It’s okay, I guess.

I’m not dead yet, just tired

Active for a bit, disappear for a long time? Yeah.

Our local government has been hellbent on… “economy”, so it’s been trying to have things “return to normal”. Being thrust from mostly working remotely from home to at the office full time (at 7 AM) while still in a pandemic takes its toll on anyone over time. I have barely been able to find the energy to draw thanks to this toxic work-home-work loop.

Sure, some stupid shit may be brewing at work, but it’s not so bad, I guess.

What’s the boiling point for this vicious cycle? Break away from my life-long tradition of just wasting my free time off work and actually going on a mini vacation with a friend. Like, actually leaving home for a few days, no family involved.

Honestly? It was pretty fucking great, despite a couple of compromises.

There was something so… liberating… about just being able to break free from my own sheltered self even if it’s just for a bit. Pretty sure it ended up unlocking a few things in me I didn’t know I could even feel in the first place. Most of my personality for the latter half of my life to date had been that of a generic NPC out of protection from others. 

Besides, it’s not like I’ll end up doing dumb shi-



I am now a certified degenerate.