Computer woes (and work hell)

Not me casually dusting off the blog section of my site to just type things that won’t fit on twitter dot com without making a thread about it.

It’s so weird how I’m often sought after by friends and family (and a few others) to help them when their computers go bad, but my own intelligence plummets when it’s my own PC having issues. Though most of it came from not having the money to fix things at a moment’s notice for a long time.

Only bringing my GPU over (and two drives), there’s been some oddities with odd freezing and locking up. I previously used to have a full tower ATX case and I didn’t even use that to the fullest. I wanted to downsize to something more compact and since my GPU could fit in this case, I went for a mini-ITX build.

Can you do it? Absolutely. Should you? Hmm… depends.

I don’t know if the wonky electricity we had a few years back set this card on a slow course towards death, amplified by the increased heat from being in such a case (also hot climate).

YouTubers makes building stuff like this look easy, but it was actually the thoughest one I had put together, to the point where I *really* don’t want to be fiddling with it except for taking it out to dust it.

Odd, spontaneous glitches, more locking up, constant BSODs with VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE… yeah…

This boi is thicc. So I ordered a new case to go along with it.

…and a motherboard…

…and a cooler…


I’ve been dealing with so much shit at work this year that honestly, I don’t care. About fucking time I splurged on myself with something relevant to my interests. Also because I’m pretty much unable to game on my PC at the moment and that is not very gucci after returning from a rough day at work.

Hoping to be able to take advantage of the bigger case to make a cleaner build. Definitely put a temporary dent on some other projects, but. It’s okay, I guess.

I’m not dead yet, just tired

Active for a bit, disappear for a long time? Yeah.

Our local government has been hellbent on… “economy”, so it’s been trying to have things “return to normal”. Being thrust from mostly working remotely from home to at the office full time (at 7 AM) while still in a pandemic takes its toll on anyone over time. I have barely been able to find the energy to draw thanks to this toxic work-home-work loop.

Sure, some stupid shit may be brewing at work, but it’s not so bad, I guess.

What’s the boiling point for this vicious cycle? Break away from my life-long tradition of just wasting my free time off work and actually going on a mini vacation with a friend. Like, actually leaving home for a few days, no family involved.

Honestly? It was pretty fucking great, despite a couple of compromises.

There was something so… liberating… about just being able to break free from my own sheltered self even if it’s just for a bit. Pretty sure it ended up unlocking a few things in me I didn’t know I could even feel in the first place. Most of my personality for the latter half of my life to date had been that of a generic NPC out of protection from others. 

Besides, it’s not like I’ll end up doing dumb shi-



I am now a certified degenerate.