Catch-up because I have lost control of my life

This post is being written with the grating sounds of a goddamn lawnmower going off outside.

I still insist that Twitter brainrot nullifies any traditional blog post since I can just keep dumping my thoughts over there, buuuuutttt…


Last thing I mentioned was redoing my PC after the video card issues I was having… And I did!

It was both frustrating and pretty fun to build. Most of my issues come from me being way too rusty with building computers, specially with modern hardware. Ignoring my several rookie mistakes, the NZXT H7 Flow is a pretty good case to build in.

Work has still been somewhat unpleasant, so I’ve been (very slowly) proceeding to splurge on stuff for myself. Just these past two weeks had to play some 4D Chess with a friend to be able to trade in my Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2020) for a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra that I had been eyeing on for far too long.

The tablet itself is really big, but also really thin and moderately weight. The case I got bumps it up to a bit thicker and noticeably heavier. Technically huge for a lot of people, but it’s also not that big once you actually use it. That being said, the screen is still wide, so holding it on portrait mode is borderline ridiculous.

All that’s left on my splurge list would be an Xbox Series X and a NAS. Just hopefully waiting for a Black Friday sale on the Xbox… if that even happens. After that, it’s back to working some more before finally going for a NAS sometime next year. Hopefully. Maybe.



The whole world is well aware about what’s going on with the Twitter. Regardless of whatever happens there, I’m still reachable through the links located on the homepage. Don’t really have anything to add that hasn’t been said.

What's next?

idk the fuck I know.

I do want to write more here, but eh… Let’s see how it goes. Peace out.


(PS: The loud lawnmower is still going)

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